9th BRICS HIPO Meeting
October 2017, Geneva, Switzerland

The 9th Heads of Intellectual Property Office (HIPO) Meeting of BRICS countries was hosted by CNIPA-CHINA in Geneva on 3rd October, 2017. CNIPA-CHINA reported the developments of the BRICS IP Offices cooperation under the Roadmap. And the parties exchanged views on the further cooperation.

The parties discussed three proposed topical issues with respect to WIPO: i) Adoption of proposed 2018/2019 biennium Program and Budget; ii) Proposal of PCT fee reduction for universities by Brazil; iii) Convene of DLT diplomatic conference.

CNIPA-CHINA proposed for discussing on the possibility of accepting WIPO as permanent observer into the BRICS HIPO meeting since 2018. All parties emphasized that the role and function the observer would serve in BRICS HIPO mechanism should be further discussed. CNIPA-CHINA introduced the planned BRICS cooperative events calendar in 2018.